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This blog is published to state fact and personal experiences about the UK Yellow Guide, Ucalegon and Feigenbaum & Stern.

This is our experience of the UK Yellow Guide, as it happened…

We were mid office move when we got the original letter in early December 2009. The application form has the standard Yellow Pages Walking Fingers logo top left and in the first few lines, states that it is a free listing, so signed and sent it back thinking it was

A month later an invoice arrived and that it was from a company other than the Yellow Pages. The logo on the invoice is now different to the trademarked walking fingers, but similar and they are invoicing for £699 per year for two years for a Premium Listing in the UK Yellow Guide. Money is to be sent to a company registered in the Seychelles, Ucalegon Ltd.

One month later, a reminder appears, again asking for a wire to Ucalegon Ltd in the Seychelles. There is also a reference to legal action if the outstanding debt isnt repaid.

Any contact made through the contact us form on the UK Yellow Guide site is unanswered. There is no other contact information (email address, phone number, fax number, postal address) on the site.

Just over a month after the reminder, a letter from their debt collection agency appears. FeigenBaum & Stern have now added 40 fees and 7.66 interest.

Emails to both and are now answered with the warnings of legal action and a mark affecting credit ratings…

In May 2010, I received a comment on the old website from a ‘Dr. Michael Humming’ who posted:

dear Sir or Madam,

it has come to our attention that you intentionally insult Ucalegon Ltd.
and its product “The UK Yellow Guide” on your web site

You spread incorrect information and use inappropriate references (such as
“scam”) and in this manner harm Ucalegon’s reputation.  You have  furthermore and verifiably caused financial damages.

We expect you delete your inappropriate inflammatory pamphlet until Monday, 16th of May 2010, 10:30 GMT.

Should you fail to do so legal steps shall be taken immediately as well as criminal charges shall be pressed against you.

Be informed that the Leicestershire County Council Trading Standards Service have already deleted their inflammatory pamphlet from their web site.

Please consider that the German site that is quoted in your forum (you are responsible for other people’s comments also!) is run by a pervert who has been sued for sexually harassing a 9 year old boy. This man is currently hiding and the German authoritied do not know his location.

Consider this a friendly demand – follow it in case you do not wish to
face any legal charges.

Best regards,
Dr. Michael Humming

This is a link to the Leicester County Councils statement referenced in the above post.

I was emailed a copy of a letter from the legal team to Ucalegon Limited and also a statement sent to Trading Standards and at the time was given authorisation to post on the old blog.

The site closed down as all went quiet. I let the domain expire.

However 5 years on and we are contacted again by our friends at Feigenbaum & Stern. Initially a phone call and then an email.

The email contained four pdf attachments. One a copy of the original ‘order’, secondly this demand, a ‘power of attourney’ and finally another invoice this time for a three year listing of £2097.00.

I purchased the domain again and I will keep the page updated with further contact from the UK Yellow Guide, Ucalegon and Feigenbaum & Stern.

If you have any interest in this, please submit a post or email me at admin (at)

It is open to anyone to comment, whether they are a happy customer of the UK Yellow Guide, an unhappy one, the owners of Ucalegon, Feigenbaum & Stern and their representantives.

There are two conditions, however.

  1. That each person that posts, must do so from their own IP address. If a post is from a cloaked IP address, the post may be moderated.
  2. That each person that posts must state fact and direct experience (good and bad). This is to protect both the person submitting the post and also the moderator from legal action. Again, any post that doesnt follow the blog rules may be moderated.
  3. Emails sent to admin (a) may be posted on this site.


2 thoughts on “UK Yellow Guide”

  1. Hi, Just had a call claiming to be from FeigenBaum & Stern and the same email as you – letter/’contract’/invoice.
    Here we go again!

    1. FYI I have their number blocked on the phone although they are able to leave voicemail. I have had one further followup voice message but no emails since.

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